New coach for TWSS

We are both saddened and happy to report some news regarding our head coach, Kathleen Doherty.   

She has been presented with an amazing opportunity through her volunteer work with Global Medic and Team Rubicon, providing humanitarian and disaster relief worldwide and as such will be stepping down as Director of Athletics and coach for That’s What She Said (TWSS).   

Message from Kathleen:   
“As some of you already know, since  retiring from policing close to 4 years ago, one of my passions aside from paddling and coaching dragon boat has been volunteering with humanitarian groups targeting disaster relief and basically any human need crisis both with Global Medic and Team Rubicon, both domestically and internationally as needed.  As my involvement in both these organizations has increased every year, I have now been offered some incredible volunteer leadership and teaching positions that are truly once in a lifetime opportunities and ones that will allow me to use my years of policing and search and rescue experience helping others. This has forced me to look at all my commitments and ensure that each gets the attention it deserves for me to give 100% focus.  With this new leadership opportunity, and the time/travel commitments , I sadly must step away as a coach with DBB.  This has been a very hard decision but I am learning that I have so much I can give to these humanitarian groups and I must follow my heart while I still have the skills and health to give back.  “  

While we may be losing Kathleen as a full-time coach, she will remain on the Board of Dragon Boat Barrie as Director-at-Large and will be offering specialized paddling clinics and coaching assistance throughout the season.   

With Kathleen’s departure as coach, comes the announcement of a new coach for That’s What She Said. We are pleased to announce that our Past-President, Nicole Emmonds, will be taking the lead in bringing home the gold for our premier women’s team! Nicole has been a long standing passionate paddler and coach with DBB and brings many seasons of experience, passion and focus to the crew.   

In order to make a smooth transition, Kathleen and Nicole will be working together on this year’s coaching plan for TWSS. There are no changes to the coaching staff of our other teams. Should any of our members have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  

Sean Levison
President, Dragon Boat Barrie (Ontario)

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