Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


The Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the parameters of conflict of interest for members of Dragon Boat Barrie (Ontario).


Members of Dragon Boat Barrie (Ontario) are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and shall protect the interests of the Club. Personal gain shall not conflict with duty to the Club.


The President or designate is responsible for final decisions on any potential or actual conflicts of interest. The remaining Board members and/or Team Captains are responsible for presenting a recommendation on any potential or actual conflicts to the President. Members are responsible for declaring any potential or actual conflict of interest.


Members shall disclose to the board, prior to engaging in any activities that may be seen as conflict of interest, such as, but not limited to:

  • Having a vested interest in an external business that may provide materials or service to the Club
  • Being offered services or materials as a result of position with the Club
  • Making use of a position with the Club to solicit services or materials for personal gain
  • Utilizing Club equipment, services or materials for an external business
  • Pursuing personal gain over the well-being or needs of people supported
  • Having a direct or indirect financial interest in a matter involving the Club and where the member could influence or appear to be able to influence any decision on that matter by the Club. Examples include acceptance of personal gifts beyond moderate courtesy, decisions made for personal gain, and/or written or public statements in conflict with the Club.

If a potential conflict exists because of a member’s personal related interest in a matter, the member shall advise the Board and/or their Team Captain immediately.

Members and related persons or service providers are not precluded from selling or providing goods, materials, or services to the Club provided this activity is consistent with generally accepted practices.

Board Members

Non-compliance of this policy and procedures on the part of the board members shall constitute cause for removal from the board.

Board members shall confirm in writing that they have received and read this policy and procedure at the first meeting of the board of directors that they attend following their election.