Workout and Injury Prevention Links – Off Season Prep!!

Hello amazing Dragon Boat Barrie paddlers!

WOW, this has been some kind of spring…..unlike one we have ever seen and indeed a challenging time specifically for all us paddlers looking forward to the 2020 season.  I was fortunate to have spent the month of February coaching a wide variety of crews in Florida and unfortunately had to return early to ensure passage across the border.  One thing that seems to be similar no matter where I paddle or coach is the common theme of “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, not only in the competitive sense but more importantly, preparing our body for paddling with a focus on injury prevention.  Keep in mind that although the links below do focus on paddling assistive stretching etc., it is beneficial to anyone wanted to ensure and support functional movement for all our daily tasks.

The four links below I used with several crews and received great feedback.  Keep in mind that when engaging in any exercise program (especially for the first time) that you ensure you are physically fit to proceed (with approval from medical authority if returning from injury, medical situation etc) and that you go at YOUR OWN PACE.  As with any fitness regime, it is YOUR workout so if you need to stop and take a break with any program, do what you need to do and then return to finish.  There are literally hundreds of workouts available and I will be forwarding a post similar to this every month moving forward……..many of you already have your own workout regime so consider this another resource for home based workouts or a supplement to consider.

Full body warmup – prep for any paddling specific workout
Stretch and Prevent Common Dragon Boat Injuries (Sutherland and Chan, Toronto)
Dragon Boat Exercises at home
Workout specific for dragon boat paddling 😊

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will assist or direct you in the best direction to support you achieving your goals.  Stay safe and healthy everyone and keep the spirit, drive and determination of DBB alive and well this summer !! PADDLES UP !!!

Kathleen Doherty

Head Coach & Director of Athletics
Dragon Boat Barrie, Ontario