Corporate Recess

What is Corporate Recess?

Corporate recess aims to target multiple areas of life’s challenges through dragon boat paddling and racing. A day with us will improve socialization, teamwork, the ability to learn and adapt to new skills quickly. You’ll be out of the office and in the presence of a serene lake all while sharing memories with your colleagues. In addition to strengthening the cohesiveness of the company, dragon boating is a wonderful way of expressing your gratitude to your employees.

Our Mission:

  • help your employee’s push their comfort zone’s by trying something new
  • become acquainted with new faces and develop genuine, meaningful relationships
  • help to lower stress and increase positive energy
  • cultivate wellness within your employees
  • provide an unforgettable experience

Employee Benefits:

  • a change in environment and work task helps target the brain in new, stimulating ways, sparking creativity and productivity when they return to their routine environments
  • encouraging each other through support and motivational leadership
  • paddling creates an environment where the paddlers must communicate and support each other efficiently while committing to the completion of a task under difficult circumstances
  • Everyone counts on each other to do their best by finding and stretching their comfort zones and ultimately raising their sense of potential
  • a guaranteed sense of accomplishment both on and off the water

What we offer (Packages or Custom):

Corporate Recess team building offers different plans for the day based on YOUR unique desires and company’s needs. All of the packages include a team icebreaker, time on the water, exercise, teamwork, and of course a few races. A team debrief and family stretch will follow the activities on the water.

We are able to accommodate a more custom day based on your team’s structure and needs. Whether it is 1 hour on the water or a full day of dragon boating, we’ve got it covered.

Please contact us for information on rates and packages.

Your Team Leaders:

Jeff Aldridge

Jeff has been involved with dragon boating since 2012 as a steersman, paddler, & coach. He is a graduate from two different recreation and health programs from Georgian College. His experience working as a Fitness Instructor and with adults/kids with disabilities through sport and personal development has enriched his life in such beautiful ways. He loves having the challenge of teaching people a new skill, adapting to their learning style and watching them quickly unify with smiles. It’s being a positive contributor to such a rewarding sport that keeps bringing Jeff back.

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change”

Nathan McCarthy

Nathan has been involved with Dragon Boating since 2014. He began as a paddler and student of the sport. He learned the skill of steering quickly and his path led him to a fitting role as a teacher. He is a graduate from Georgian College’s Fitness & Health Program and is dedicated to providing a fun and loving environment to learn in. He likes to focus on efficiency and clear communication to facilitate the most optimal team based effort. Nathan also has experience teaching martial arts, yoga and music and enjoys incorporating both humour and philosophy into his coaching.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

Sean Levison

Sean’s first foray into dragon boat paddling was a 24 hour relay back in 2006. Since then he has competed competitively on Barrie Thunder, PaddleStrong, Northmen, and many other Barrie based teams. He has coached many community teams in Barrie and Orillia over the years, and has led teams all the way to Platinum Division Finals in Barrie. He has participated as a steer and paddler at competitions across North America, and is a certified Personal Trainer. Having grown up on a farm, he stands by the 4-H Club motto of:

“Learn to do by doing”