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The PowerStrokes Dragon Boat Team was created to give those people in the community a chance to improve their dragon boating skills while gaining experience through community and competitive dragon boat events without having to fully commit themselves to the training regimen of a fully fledged competitive dragon boat racing team.

Designed for intermediate paddlers, we will paddle together for several weeks over the course of the summer, culminating with two festivals.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Practices: Minimum 1x per week, both on-water and dry-land training

Races: At Least 2 races throughout the summer


PowerStrokes will begin weekly practices starting June 2nd, occurring every Thursday. Practices are scheduled for 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Our last practice will be September 22nd for a total of 16 practices.


PowerStrokes will be participating in the following festivals for the 2022 season:

  • Guelph – Saturday August 13th, 2022
  • Christie Lake – Saturday September 24th, 2022


Nicole Emmonds

Nicole’s first experience paddling was with a community team, Cope Service Dogs, back in 2012 at the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival. Since then, Nicole has paddled with a number of teams over the years, including: the Water Warriors, That’s What She Said, PowerStrokes, the Bush Buccaneers – Paddles of Fury and the Barrie Northmen. She also began steering in 2018.


The 2022 season fees are:

  • $25 Dragon Boat Barrie club fee, if not already paid for the season
  • $200 team fee which will include coaching, practices, festival fees, and steers person.
  • Fees are due May 15th.


  1. Ensure you have completed your Membership Application here
  2. Add PowerStrokes Team Fee to your Shopping Cart 
  3. Make sure to also add the DBB Membership Fee if you have not already paid for this season.
  4. Proceed to checkout via the Shopping Cart. Once your purchase has been made, a Dragon Boat Barrie representative will be in contact with you confirming your registration.

What does my team fee include?

  • professional coaching ($50 – $100 per team per practice)
  • boat rental ($70 – $90 per team per practice)
  • use of paddle and life jacket for all practices and races (up to $350 to buy new per paddler)
  • festival fees ($750 to $1,750 per team per festival)

What’s not included?

  • team jersey (approximately $50, yours to keep)
  • transportation and accommodations for out of town races, if necessary
  • charitable fundraising requirements for various festivals (anywhere from $0 to $1,250 per team per festival)


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